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Why You Need Travelocity Coupons For Your Blog

Enhance Your WordPress Blog with Travel Promo Codes 

Adding value to your blog posts is something that your readers will thank you for (and will keep them coming back!). One simple and easy way to you can give your readers something that they find valuable is to give them promo codes from a travel deal site like CouponPuppy

For example, Travelocity is one of the most popular travel booking sites in the world, on par with Expedia,, and more. If you search the popular coupon sites, you’ll find promo codes for hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, etc. I just did a quick search and found 10% off for If you include one of those codes in your blog post (at the end, obviously), readers will receive something that could save them hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.  And don’t forget you can use coupons on the blog itself, you can find offers as good as a 90% off web hosting deal sometimes!

No matter what you blog about, the right images can add beauty and drama to your postings. A quality image will draw the reader’s eye and keep them reading, but images have value to search engines as well as humans.

coupon code websiteWhy iStockphoto and Getty Images? Can’t We Use Free Stock Photo Sites?

Yes and no. While there are a few free stock photo sites out there, they are popular and the images are plastered all over the web. If you want to stand out, then using professional photos will put you in a class with other professional blogs.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive! You can use this Shutterstock promo code website. We found some really good shutterstock coupons that’ll save you 50% off the cost of memberships for these sites. Remember, if you wanna have a blog that truly

stands out from the pack, make an investment in Getty Images or iStock

Images Improve Your Blog’s Search Engine Visibility


Many bloggers do not realize that every new image is a new opportunity to improve search engine visibility as well as reader value. WordPress allows bloggers to add keywords to every image in the title and alternate text fields. Not taking advantage of this feature is like doing all that hard work for nothing.


The title tag in particular is a powerful part of every image you post. When a reader hovers over the image, it is the title tag text they see. The next time you see an image online, place your mouse over it and look for the text. That is what the title tag is all about.


The alternate text tag is another important part of your image posting. If your image cannot be displayed due to technical difficulties or settings on the reader’s device, the alternate tag tells them what is being displayed. Since many devices and browsers disable images by default, the alternate text tag is a crucial part of your blog post. 


It is essential that you make your title and alternate text tags as descriptive as possible. Anyone can provide a generic description like “lawn” or “tire,” but smart bloggers know that more descriptive keywords can translate into sales and money.


If you run a site that sells snow tires and use your blog to drive traffic, replace the generic “tire” tag with something like “Best Snow Tire for Winter” or “Top Selling Tire for Off-Roading.” These tags are more descriptive, and more valuable, to your customers.