SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation

This is the method of making your website visible to search engines. All major search engines use what is called an “algorithm” which reviews a site and determines its relevancy and position. Each algorithm works in a different way and will give the user a different set of search results based upon how their spiders have been set to crawl and index each individual website.

We are not talking about those creepy multi legged creatures that you see on your living room ceiling but “spider like programs” that literally crawl around your website looking for information, taking note of your page titles, URL structures, content, keyword density, page load times and also looks for other websites who link directly to you.

Over the past few years we have found many SEO Nottingham companies have experienced a number of issues with their SEO, most of which told us they have had a bad experience with a web based company who had promised them the earth and delivered next to nothing.

If you were to carry out some research on SEO and the process you would probably be shocked to find hundreds of thousands of articles, websites and blogs all telling you how to get your website ranking highly. Unfortunately alot of these have found to be misleading and incorrect, giving users the wrong information. Lets look at it this way, if you found a way of doing something that others were not doing, would you REALLY tell the world? Probably not…

We have found that despite what the internet “tells” us that Search Engine Optimisation is a simple yet complex method that varies from industry to industry and each term potentially has its own algorithm behind it, as technical as that sounds, we have tried and tested many, MANY different methods. Some of these work on certain keywords and some just do not, total mystery? A quick Google search will show you that everyone has different techniques and opinions surrounding SEO, but we have our own way with proven, quality results.

Unlike other specialists SEO Nottingham have a team of experts who all work In-house, locally, rather than thousands of miles away in India, who will spend their time building you quality links and optimising for the correct keywords. We are real people with skills that get our clients results. Would you like to join our extensive and successful portfolio? Get in touch…